How to Add a Keyless Remote to My Mitsubishi Montero


Locate the data port under your driver's side dashboard and connect the one and four terminals in the port with your jumper wires. These pins will be located on the top of the port first and fourth from the left side.


Press the hazard switch on your car six times within the next 10 seconds and wait for the door locks to automatically cycle.


Press the lock button on your remote three times within the next 10 seconds and disconnect the jumper wires.

Keyless entry remotes are common on nearly all models of Mitsubishi cars, including the Montero. You can get keyless remotes from the dealership or an automotive store if the transmitter is installed aftermarket, and you can program the remotes yourself if you lose the signal or need to add an extra remote. The programming process is a simple one that can be done with just your ignition key and the remote itself.