How to Clean a Ski Boat


Remove the boat from the water, and store it on the trailer near a water source that can be connected to a hose. Rinse the entire hull of the boat with fresh water.


Select an environmentally friendly cleaning product, preferably one designed specifically for cleaning boats. Avoid any products containing phosphates, lye, ammonia, bleach or petroleum. These products can cause oxidation to form on the paint.


Spray or disperse the cleaning solution on to a soft, terry cloth. Start by cleaning the outside of the hull on the port side. Rinse the boat with water. Repeat the process on the starboard side of the boat. Finish up on the back side of the boat. Wipe off excess water with a dry cloth.


Clean the boat carpet by vacuuming throroughly. Sprinkle dried corn starch on heavily stained areas and vacuum. Remove stubborn stains with a commercial carpet cleaner product.


Clean boat windows with a commercial window cleaning product or make a homemade cleaning solution by combining one cup of white distilled vinegar with one quart of warm water. Spray on the windows and wipe dry with a soft cloth.


Clean vinyl seats with a vinyl cleaning product that also protects from the sun's UV rays. Spray or disperse the product on a soft cloth and rub onto the seats. Remove any excess with a clean cloth. Sun and water do a lot of damage to vinyl. Keep the boat protected from the sun's rays when not in use.


Remove mildew with lemon juice or vinegar. Apply a small amount on to a soft cloth and scrub the mildewed area.

Tips and Warnings

  • Clean your boat on a cloudy day or in a sheltered area.
  • Avoid using cleaners containing phosphorous. These cleaners can strip away the protective sealant and leave the boat paint exposed.
  • Cleaning a ski boat is a task made easier with a few simple tips and proper cleaning supplies. A regular, frequent cleaning keeps a boat in tip-top shape and prevents mold from developing. Make a note of cleaners that will damage the paint, and avoid using them.