How to Compare Front Firing and Down Firing Car Subwoofers


Prevent damage to your system. Choose a down firing system which protects an open grill from hazards such as children or flying debris. Skip the grill altogether when you create your own down firing subwoofer. Spend the design time to create a more attractive box.


Purchase down firing subwoofers for easy adaptation. Place down firing subwoofers on their sides for easy placement or adjustments required by your specific car audio needs.


Feel the beat by buying down firing subwoofers. Consumers report down firing subwoofers provide a deeper, more rumbling bass feel.


Hear less distortion and use the walls of your car to amplify the sound with front firing subwoofers. Investigate side firing subwoofers for a variation on the front firing sound.


Take your favorite kind of music into a car audio store. Listen to each type of subwoofer and choose the system that produces the sound you want to hear. Write down the make and model of the subwoofer system you are interested in buying and comparatively shop at a variety of online and local car audio merchants.

Tips and Warnings

  • Certain speaker manufacturers prefer either front or down loading subwoofers. One type of subwoofer may dominate a certain speaker brand.
  • Install subwoofers in your car audio system to bring the bass found in today's music alive. Select from an overwhelming array of subwoofer options available at car audio stores or create your own audio system. Front firing and down firing are two different forms of subwoofer systems.