How to Convert MPG to Litres/100Km


Multiply the number of miles by 1.6093 to convert to kilometers. For example, 21 miles will correspond will yield the following number of kilometers: 21 x 1.6093 = 33.7953 km.


Multiply the gasoline volume in gallons by 3.7854 to convert it to liters: one gallon corresponds to 3.7854 liters.


Divide liters by kilometers to calculate the gas amount required to drive one kilometer. This value is also called liters per kilometer (LPK). In our example, the LPK value is the following: 3.7854 / 33.7953 = 0.112 LPK.


Multiply LPK by 100 to convert MPG into liters / 100 kilometers. In this example, it is 0.112 x 100 = 11.2 liters /100 kilometers.

Fuel economy is characterized by the average distance traveled by a vehicle while consuming a certain amount of gasoline. The unit that expresses the car fuel economy level in the USA is the miles per gallon unit (MPG). However, Canada and European countries utilize a different measurement system for this purpose. Commonly, it is the number of liters needed for a car to travel 100 kilometers. The conversion from one unit to the other is a simple mathematical calculation.