How to Install a Radio in a 94 Ford Taurus


Lift the hood of the Ford Taurus by pulling the hood release lever below the dashboard on the driver's side of the vehicle. Move to the Taurus' battery.


Loosen the negative battery cable bolt with the wrench and remove the cable from the negative battery terminal.


Place the Ford stereo removal keys into the holes on either side of the radio's face. Pull outward on the keys while sliding the stereo from the dashboard. Disconnect the stereo wiring connected to the back of the radio and pull the antenna cable from the unit.


Slide the installation kit sleeve into the empty stereo mounting dock of the Taurus. Fold the metal tabs on the sleeve to secure it in the dock.


Reach into the dock and pull out the stereo wiring and antenna cable. Connect the stereo wiring to the wiring harness adapter. The wiring is grouped together by white plastic wire binders that plug into the wiring harness leads.


Plug the wiring harness leads into the outlets on the rear panel of the new stereo. Plug the antenna cable into the rear panel of the aftermarket radio.


Slide the stereo into the installation sleeve, in the stereo mounting dock. Push the new stereo unit into the opening until it snaps into place. Return to the battery.


Replace the negative battery cable clamp onto the negative battery terminal lead. Tighten the bolt on the clamp to secure the cable to the lead post. Close the hood of the Taurus.

The Ford Taurus has had a history that defies simple classification. It was once a mid-size vehicle until being replaced by the Ford Fusion. It returned to The Ford Motor Company's line-up as a full-size vehicle, taking over for the discontinued Ford Five Hundred in 2008. The 1994 Taurus was a part of the second generation of Tauruses, and employs the Ford design for stereo extraction that calls for Ford stereo removal keys. You can purchase the "U" shaped devices through a Ford dealer or at car audio supply outlet.