How to Mount a Snowboard Rack on a Car


Fully read and understand the directions that came with your snowboard roof rack. Different models will require slightly different mounting instructions. Also, be sure the roof rack you purchased is compatible with the model of your vehicle.


Align the load bars so they are parallel and slide the foot units into place along each end. When this is done correctly, the hinge will open toward the load bar ending.


Place the end caps into the rear hole of each bar so they remain locked in place.


Center the load bars onto the roof rails. The bars should be approximately 24 inches apart.


Take the strap and slide it under the roof rail. Then feed the end of the strap into the foot slot.


Hold the strap tightly as you secure its position with your Allen wrench. The hole for the wrench is located above the foot slot.


Attach the handle assembly by inserting it in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. When doing so, make sure the assembly locks into place.

A roof rack is a great investment for any snowboarder. Transporting snowboards in the interior of the car can cause scratches or water damage from melting snow. In addition, boarding equipment takes up room that could otherwise be filled by your snowboarding buddies. If you have roof rails on your vehicle, you can easily get your car, friends and snowboards all to the mountain safely with the help of a snowboard roof rack.