How to Replace Classic Car Titles


Go to your local Department of Motor Vehicles and ask what documentation you'll need to get a replacement car title for your classic car. The requirements for documentation vary from one state to another, so it's important that you find out what your state requires.


Get the necessary car title replacement forms. You'll have to fill out all of the necessary information asked for on the form, including details about your personal information and information about the classic car you need a replacement title for.


Turn all of your paperwork into the DMV, along with your processing and title fees. You'll need to present your ID and proof of ownership as well so that the paperwork can be properly filed and processed. Once that's done all you have to do is wait until the replacement title is ready.

It's important that if you own a classic car, or any car really, that you have the necessary title for that car. If you lost your title then you'll need to replace it before you start driving your classic car around. Fortunately all you'll need is some personal identification, proof of ownership of the vehicle and the necessary paperwork so that you can get a replacement title for your classic car.