How to Change Spark Plug Wires in a 1997 Toyota Camry


Open the hood of your car and locate the spark plug wires. The wires have a thick rubber outer cover and a boot on both ends. One end of each wire is connected to the distributor cap, and the other end is connected to a spark plug in the engine. You will find six or eight spark plug wires, depending on your engine model.


Locate the distributor cap and check for a cover that holds the wires in place. Release the cap by sliding a flat head screwdriver into the locking mechanism of the cap and pulling up.


Grip the boot on one of the spark plug wires connected to the spark plug and remove it by pulling out. You may need to rock the boot back and forth while pulling if you have difficulty removing it.


Trace the wire back to the distributor cap and remove the opposite end from the cap. Do not remove more than one wire at a time as it is important the distributor cap is connected to the correct spark plugs.


Pull the retaining clamps off of the wires.


Find the replacement spark plug wire that matches the length of the wire you removed from the car.


Place one end of the wire on the open area on the distributor cap and attach the other end to the open spark plug. You should feel a snap when connecting both ends of the wire.


Slide the wire into the retaining clamps to secure it within the engine.


Repeat Steps 3 to 8 with the remaining wires.


Press down on the distributor cap cover to lock it back in place, if applicable.

After thousands of miles of driving you will need to have your car serviced to maintain engine performance. Regular car maintenance can cost up to several hundred dollars if you take your car to the mechanic. Car owners can save money by performing the maintenance tasks themselves. If you own a 1997 Toyota Camry, you can replace the spark plug wires yourself.