How to Connect Sub Woofers To An Amp


First, you start off by finding a place in your trunk to put your subwoofers. Place the box in your trunk with the speakers facing away from the back seat. When you open the trunk, your speakers should be facing you.


Next, find a place to bolt down your amp to your speaker box. This makes it easier to keep the wires from disconnecting every time you turn while driving. The best place is on the left side of the box. Use the 2 screws to bolt your amp to the box (one on the top corner of the amp & the other on the oppsite side on the bottom).


Then you connect the RCA's from the back of the stereo by simply matching up the colors(SEE PIC IN STEP4). Make sure to connect the remote wire(blue) as well or you won't be able to hear anything out of your speakers.


When you're done connecting your RCA's to the stereo (along with the other necessary wires such as the ones shown in the picture below), you run those wires down the back of the dash panel; under the steering wheel where the fuse box is; then under the carpet on the driver side all the way to the back seat. When you get to the back seat, take off the back seats and run the RCA's to the trunk. You can then put your back seats back on.


Connect the RCA's to the amp by matching up the colors(SEE PICTURE ON STEP 4). Next, take the black speaker wire (ground wire) and find a non-moving place to screw it on to. Before screwing it on, make sure you scratch that place with a screwdriver and then screw it on.


Finally, you run the 4-gauge power wire from the battery to the Amp(SEE PICTURE IN STEP 3).

Tips and Warnings

  • Make sure speakers are facing toward you when you open the trunk.
  • Bolt down your amp to your speaker box to prevent wires from disconnecting while driving.
  • You can adjust the other settings such as Bass Adjuster from the amp.
  • Make sure to connect the yellow wire to the red wire that are located in back of the stereo.
  • Use wire cutters to strip at least half an inch off both ends of wires to insure a good connection.
  • Connect power wire last just in case the amp has a short or something and you won't blow or burn out your speakers.
  • When connecting wires in back of stereo, make sure you use black tape to cover any exposed wires to prevent a burn out.
  • Make sure that there are no wires being pinched by the back seats, hood, door, etc.
  • Are you ready to start bumping that music? Why spend money taking it to someone when you can do it yourself? Just follow these simple instructions and you'll be ready to blast that music as you're cruising down the street in no time.