How to Find Performance & Equipment Specs on My Special Edition Dodge Truck


Write down all identifying information about your Dodge truck if you haven't already. For example, "2005 Commemorative Edition SRT Truck" accurately describes a special edition vehicle.


Call or visit your local Dodge dealer, and inquire about the performance and equipment specs for your vehicle. If you want to know more about a piece of equipment or an aspect of the vehicle's performance, ask the employee who is assisting you.


Ask to purchase a replacement owner's manual if you don't have one. This will put all of the information at your fingertips for future reference.


Perform an Internet search of your vehicle model. If the model was popular enough, specs may be easy to find online. Printing out the information and keeping it inside the vehicle is a good idea in lieu of an owner's manual.

Dodge has released a number of special or limited edition trucks over the years. If you have recently purchased one of these vehicles used, it may not come with an owner's manual, which often details the performance and equipment specs unique to it. Tracking down these specs is an easy process and can be done in minutes. Knowing this information will make you a more knowledgeable Dodge truck owner.