How to Operate a Honda Elite Scooter

Riding A Honda Elite Scooter


Grab the handlebars and push forward on the scooter until it drops from the kickstand into riding position. Place the key into the hole and turn it to the start position. Swivel the kick start, located on the left of the base of the scooter, by rotating it outward with your foot.. Push the kick-start down rapidly with your foot until the scooter starts. Give it some throttle.


Know the controls. The brakes are located on the handlebars in the same area that mountain bike brakes are located. The throttle is initiated by twisting your right hand downward when gripping the right handlebar.


Twist the throttle slowly. As you increase speed, place your feet on the base of the scooter. When you brake, be sure to use both brakes simultaneously. To brake, simply pull down on both levers, which are located above where you place your hands on the handlebars.


Maintain balance and learn to take turns. Maintaining balance is much like riding a bicycle. To successfully turn, slow down and try and keep your center of balance by leaning slightly into the direction that you are turning.


Come to a complete stop using the brakes and bringing the throttle down slowly until the scooter idles. Slowly twist the throttle away your body until you cannot twist anymore. When you can see the wheels coming to a stop, it is safe to get off the scooter.

Tips and Warnings

  • Riding a scooter is like riding a bike. It's easy once you get the hang of it.
  • The Honda Elites are scooters and mopeds that were produced in the late 1980s. Learning how to operate and ride a Honda Elite is a simple process.