Auto Wheel Cleaning Tools

Cleaning the wheels and tires of a car, as well as the outside, really makes the car stand out and look clean. While there are a number of different cleaning products and solutions which can be put on the wheels and tires of a car to effectively clean them, there are a number of different tools which are needed to scrub them clean.

Wheel Brush

A wheel brush with a long plastic handle and bristles at the end, which looks like a brush used to scrub pots and pans, is used for the initial cleaning of the wheels and tires on the car. The wheel brush's bristles should be soft, but also thick and sturdy so that they can get into all the grooves around the hub cap and the nicks and crannies on the wheel and tires. This should be the first tool used when cleaning the wheels and tires, as it will be the most efficient way to remove the larger, heavier amounts of dirt and grime.


A large soft sponge that is filled with soap or wheel and tire cleaning solution will clean the film of dirt or grime off the wheel that the wheel brush missed. The sponge should be thick and able to scrub a bit and shouldn't be flaking or falling apart. Sponges with rougher sides, like the ones used on dishes in a sink, should be used on the hubcaps, while softer surfaced sponges should be used on the tires themselves. These tire cleaning sponge tools are cheap to purchase and can be used liberally while cleaning the wheels and tires.


Rags are used to make the finishing cleaning touches on the wheels or tires of the automobile, as well as dry and polish them to shine. Spare rags can be bought in large bags at hardware or auto supply stores and should be slightly rough, so that when they are rubbed over the surface of the wheel or tire, they also wipe away any residual dirt that any of the soap or heavy duty cleaning tools missed earlier in the cleaning process. These rags are also relatively inexpensive and can be used liberally when cleaning the tires on a car.