How Do I Replace the Wheels on a 330i?


Park the BMW on a flat level surface. Loosen the lug nuts.


Raise the vehicle with a floor jack. You can either replace the wheels one at a time, in which case you simply use the floor jack at each corner as you change the wheels, or you can lower the vehicle and support it on jack stands while you remove and replace the wheels.


Finish removing the lug nuts and the wheels.


Slide the new wheels onto the hub. Install the lug nuts.


Lower the vehicle. Repeat for the remaining corners of the BMW. Tighten the lug nuts to 88 foot-lb.

The BMW 330i was first introduced as part of the E46 generation of the 3 Series. BMW carried on the model with the new E90/E92 generation of cars as well. Both versions are luxury cars that also provide a dose of performance for the driving experience. One of the upgrades that owners of this model often perform is the installation of aftermarket wheels, which can make the car look more unusual as well as perform better. Replacing the wheels on a 330i is relatively straightforward.