How to Remove the Radio of a 2000 Honda Odyssey


Apply your parking brake and move your gearshift selector down to the "1" position. Turn the engine off and remove the key.


Open the hood and unhook the negative battery cable with the pliers. This will prevent shock in the event of a short circuit.


Insert a plastic trim panel tool underneath the console panel surrounding the radio. Work your way around the panel, pushing the tool outward to pry up the panel clips. When most of the panel is unhooked, you can simply pull it off with your hands.


Unplug the connectors behind the console panel. Tthere are three connections; push the connection tabs to release them. Set the console panel down.


Remove the four bolts with a socket wrench or a Phillips head screwdriver--they have screw-heads. Pull the radio out, unplug the black antenna lead and disconnect the radio wiring harness.

Tips and Warnings

  • If you don't have a plastic trim tool, you can use a flat head screwdriver to pry off the console panel. Be sure to wrap the tip with a soft cloth; this will prevent the hard metal rod from damaging your console panel.
  • The 2000 Honda Odyssey van came standard with an AM/FM cassette player, but many models were equipped with a factory CD player. There may come a time when you need to replace the radio; if so, you'll need to remove the old one first. The procedure is the same for Odysseys equipped with the cassette player or CD player.

    If you plan on re-using the radio, make sure you have your Honda anti-theft code first; once removed, the radio will become locked. It cannot be unlocked without the five-digit anti-theft code. Check your glove box or see your Honda dealer to find your radio anti-theft code.