How to Use Credit and Debit Cards at the Pump


Locate the screen that has a slot for your credit or debit card. Slide your card into that slot, and immediately take it out. Pay special attention to the correct positioning of the card, such as which way the numbers go, and whether the magnetic strip goes face-up or face-down.


Enter your PIN number if you're using your debit card, and press the "enter" button.


Enter the billing zip code for that particular credit or debit card, and press the "enter" button.


Remove the pump, and select the grade of gas. Pump your gas as you normally would. Some gas stations have a limit on the amount of gas you can pump with a credit card. If your pump gets shut off before you're done filling up, swipe the card again, or go inside and see the clerk.


Wait for the receipt to print out. Be careful not to leave the receipt in the machine or on the ground, as it may contain your complete credit card number or other personal information.

The majority of gas stations have the option to pay at the pump with either a credit or debit card. This is a major convenience for many people, because it keeps them from having to go inside the store and pay. Parents with small children find it especially helpful, because they don't have to unbuckle their children just to run in the store for a few seconds. One thing to be mindful of when using your credit or debit card is that most gas companies place a hold on your funds. The amount of this hold varies, and the money could be tied up for days.