What to Expect From a Star Motorcycle Training Course

Consider the Benefits

According to www.nhtsa.gov, Star motorcycle training courses provide "training for both beginner and experienced motorcycle operators." Beginner motorcyclists are offered seven hours of classroom instruction and eight hours of practical motorcycle skills training. More experienced riders are offered 3.5 hours of classroom instruction and 4.5 hours of practical application.

It Is Mandatory

In many cases, Star motorcycle training is mandatory. In Idaho, for example, if you are under 21 years old, you have to pass the course in order to receive a motorcycle license. According to www.smsa.org, those over 21 must obtain a motorcycle endorsement to continue riding on public roads.

Bottom Line

You can expect to learn valuable lessons and tools to avoid crash-related injuries in a Star motorcycle training program. According to www.nhtsa.gov, the program was developed to create a five-year plan to train all motorcycle riders in Idaho, and a training program for new and experienced operators.