1993 Ford Ranger Problems

Safety is a big issue in cars. While driving at high speeds on roadways, drivers want to know they are safe in their vehicle and have a low potential for a crash or serious injury. The 1993 Ford Ranger had many problems and several recalls for faulty equipment. While many people were satisfied with their Ford Rangers, others faced the problems described in the recalls; Ford had to reimburse these customers for equipment or have it repaired altogether.


On May 11, 2009, Dope Incorporated issued a recall on headlights for the 1993 Ford Ranger model. The manufacturer recalled 42,540 combination corner and bumper lights. The headlights do not conform to Ford's policy of Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard Number 108 concerning "lamps, reflective devices and associated equipment." These lamps did not contain the correct amount of amber side reflectors, which could cause decreased lighting visibility, possibly resulting in a crash. Dope Incorporated gave customers full reimbursements for the faulty lamps.

Parking Brakes

On September 7, 2004, Ford issued a recall for 835,791 1993 Rangers. The parking brake self-adjust pawl failed to line up with the self-adjust ratchet, which made the pawl slip over one or more teeth in the ratchet. With this problem, the Ranger could not brake properly and would go into a roll because the parking brake could not hold it efficiently. Ford reacted by installing a wedge to lock the pawl in place with the self-adjust ratchet.

Speed Control

On December 5, 1995, Ford recalled 260,000 1993 Rangers. During extremely cold weather, the throttle body of the engine was freezing, causing it to remain in the highway cruising position after the driver had released the accelerator or disabled the speed control. The truck would in turn cruise at higher speeds, leaving the driver unable to stop in time to avoid accidents. Ford dealers replaced faulty units with new equipment and brought the recalled vehicles back into the dealership.