Ractive Muffler Tips

Ractive brand exhaust tips are manufactured by Toucan Industries. The tips do not enhance the performance of an exhaust system. Muffler, or exhaust tips are designed to add style to the exterior of a vehicle. Ractive brand tips are considered "universal," which means that they can be installed on any vehicle that has a matching exhaust-pipe diameter. Ractive exhaust tips slide over a vehicle's existing exhaust pipe. Some tips attach by using a clamp, while others must be welded directly to the exhaust pipe.

LED Lighted Tips

Ractive exhaust tips are available with LED lights in the tip. These tips add a unique touch to a customized car that sets it apart from other vehicles on the road. The tips are available in three different styles, round, oval and slant cut. The oval and round tips sell for about $47 and the slant-cut tip sells for about $55, as of October 2010.

Long Pipe Tips

Ractive tips are available in long pipes, from 18-inches to 24-inches long. These tips are available in chrome or black finishes. Every long pipe is round. The tips are made with a slant-cut or flare-cut ends. The long tips are about $40 each, as of October 2010.

Single-Pipe Tips

Ractive produces an array of round, single-pipe tips. The tips are available in single- and double-wall designs, straight cut and slant cut. Tips are available in chrome, stainless steel and black finishes. Other tips include square, oval and wide-oval shapes. Prices for these tips vary greatly depending on inlet diameter size, tip shape, finish and overall length.

Dual-Pipe Tips

Dual-pipe tips from Ractive are also available in round, square, single wall, double wall, straight cut and slant cut. Finishes include chrome, stainless steel and black. Dual-pipe exhaust tips are formed in a "Y" shape to make a single-exhaust system look like a dual-exhaust system. The prices of the Ractive line of dual-exhaust tips varies depending on inlet diameter size, tip shape, finish and overall length.

Specialty Tips

Ractive makes some tips that are designed for a specific vehicle. For instance it produces a rectangular tip that is meant for installation on a Chevrolet Camaro. The tip is available in black and chrome finish, and is designed to replace the original equipment manufacturer's exhaust tip. The Chevy Camaro tips are $44 each for the black finish and $40 each for the chrome finish, as of October 2010.