How to Love your Ford Mustang


First you have to know about the makers of this super fine automobile, They are Carroll Shelby, Steve Saleen, Lee Iacocca, and Donald Frey, John Najjar, Bunkie Knudsen, Gale L. Halderman, John Coletti, or Hal Sperlich Just to name a few. the very first Mustang was placed for sale in 1964 Mustang introduced April 17 at World's Fair in New York. This is the one car that is actually not a solid year meaning its not a 1964 it is in fact a 1964 & 1/2 Due to the fact that it was released in April. This car is the the original Ford Mustang the body does change a lot through the years but this the original is the coolest in my own opinion.


Now in the 70's the Mustang changed a little the front end grew a bit giving it a sportier look then it had in the first couple of years the change started in 1968 but really took affect in 1969.


In 1974 They came out with the Mustang 2 this one is way different then the prior years it has shrunk down. This one would be my least Fav although it is still in fact a Mustang I would certainly own one LOL!!


Now the late 70's and all of the 80's brought a little change yet again, Bringing in the Fox Body Mustang if you are into drag racing this is the mustang for you Due to the fact that it a light weight small car giving it a slight upper hand as opposed to the Mopar cars that were large and heavy.


In the 90's they added a little more of the modern to the Fox Body by taking the square headlights out and putting in the solid one piece headlights as well as changing the interior a bit to modernize it.


Then they really made a change again with the 1994 Mustang, rounded the car out a lot giving it a really modern look and feel.


In the late 90's The Front end changed a lot the headlights gained a real aggressive look.


The 2005 Mustang went retro it gained the old school look with the modern features.


And here we are 2009 and the Mustang yet again gains an aggressive look to the headlights. After more then 40 years of changes some very drastic, But really neat. I wonder what they will bring us next???

Every one knows about the Ford Mustang, It's sleek and yet sporty look and through he years this car has become an icon, With more then 40 years and still going strong this has to be one of the most desired cars out there. I am a very devoted enthusiast of the mustang I think that every year is very unique and has its own lure.