How to Save Money on Gas


First -- slow down! Driving over 60 miles per hour increases your car's exertion, thus wasting more gas. Also, avoid extreme fluctuations in speed. Aggressive driving - racing to get by someone who's making a left-hand turn, trying to pass everyone on the highway - is not only unsafe, it decreases your fuel economy. Keep a cool head on the road and you'll be rewarded with a hotter wallet.


Maintain your vehicle. Changing the oil regularly, replacing clogged filters and keeping the tires well-inflated will guarantee your car's maximum efficiency.


Empty your trunk. Hauling around excess weight of any kind in your vehicle's trunk or backseat causes your car to work harder and burn more fuel as a result. Clear out any luggage, boxes, sports equipment, or bags before driving. Remove ski and luggage racks that may weigh down the car from the top.


Turn your car off. Whether you're waiting for a friend to run into the store, picking your child up from school or sitting in a lengthy drive-thru line, letting your car idle wastes more gas than simply restarting your car. While not advisable in a traffic jam or at rush hour, turning your vehicle off for a few minutes saves more gas in the long run.


Carpool. This is one of the easiest and most efficient ways to save money. Find neighbors and co-workers with the same morning destination, and work out a carpool schedule. Leaving your house ten minutes earlier to pick someone up is definitely worth splitting the gas bill for the week.


Cruise control. Using your vehicle's cruise control feature when driving a fairly level route allows your car to maintain a steady speed, minimizing the sudden gas spurts that occur when you're not paying attention to your foot on the pedal.

With gas prices at an all-time-high across the country and throughout the world, millions of drivers are forced to tighten their belts in other areas of life. Here are a few easy tips to spare yourself increased aggravation at the gas pump.