How to Program a 2000 Lincoln Ls Remote


Sit in the driver seat of your 2000 Lincoln LS. Put the key into the ignition. Turn the key to "RUN," then "OFF" repeatedly until the door locks cycle. Leave the key in the "RUN" position after the locks cycle. It can take six to 10 times before the locks engage.


Press the "LOCK" button on the transmitter. The door will lock and then unlock. Repeat this step for all remotes you want to program.


Turn the key to "OFF" and remove it from the ignition once programming is complete. Get out of the car and test your remotes.

The 2000 Lincoln LS came equipped with power locks and a factory alarm on most models. The keyless entry remote control operates the lock system and the alarm. Order a replacement remote from a Lincoln dealership for a fully compatible model, but program the remotes yourself at home to save a service center bill. Your remotes will be functional in minutes.