How do I Convert Canada MPG to U.S. MPG?


Find out which units the fuel economy is quoted in. The Canadians use both liters per 100 kilometers and miles per gallon when quoting fuel economy figures.


Multiply the Canadian MPG figure by 0.83 to arrive at U.S. MPG. If you wish to be absolutely accurate, the exact conversion factor is 0.8326742. In other words, the vehicle's mileage will be lower when quoted in American units. A vehicle that gets 35 mpg according to the Canadians will actually get 29.1 mpg by U.S. standards (35 x 0.8326742 = 29.1435965).


Multiply "liter per 100 kilometers" by 235.2145833 to convert to American MPG. If the consumption figure has been quoted in terms of "liter per 100 kilometers" (or L/100 km), multiply it by 235.2145833 to arrive at the U.S.-style MPG figures.

Fuel consumption figures published in Canada can be quite confusing. Not only do many manufacturers quote the fuel use of their vehicles in terms of both "liters per 100 kilometer" (L/100 km) as well as "miles per gallon" (MPG), but the MPG used in Canada is different from that in the United States. This is because the Canadian gallon is the imperial gallon, which is approximately 20 percent larger than the American gallon. The length of a mile, on the other hand, is the same everywhere. The conversion is therefore fairly simple.