How to Measure for a Caravan Awning


Make sure your caravan is parked on level ground. If it has a single axle, it must be balanced on its jack stands or wheels so it isn't swaying back and forth on that axle.


Place the end of a long piece of string on the ground right where the front of the caravan meets the side. Run this string all the way along the top edge of the caravan from the front to the rear, stopping the string on the ground below the caravan's rear. Cut the string where it meets the ground.


Lay the string on the ground and measure its length with a measuring tape. This measurement can range from more than 6 meters (22 feet) to nearly 12 meters (39 feet). You may need to measure once, mark the string where your measuring tape ends and then start measuring again from that mark.


Be sure to take your measurement with you when you shop for your caravan awning. A sales associate can help you match an awning to your vehicle based on this measurement.


Purchase a larger awning if your measurement is on the border between two different awning sizes. A 10-foot awning is fits a caravan measuring between 686 centimeters (22½ feet) and 716 centimeters (23½ feet). If your measurement is 716 centimeters, get an 11-foot awning.

A caravan awning is a good camping addition, as it can, essentially, expand the size of your RV. Caravans come in many sizes, and you'll need to take careful measurements or your vehicle's A-frame to determine the correct size awning for your needs.