How to Drop the Oil Pan in a Chevy Cobalt


Turn on the vehicle and allow it to run for at least five minutes to raise the temperature of the vehicle to its normal level. Once the engine is at that level, turn off the vehicle.


Jack the vehicle up using the Cobalt's jack and stands. Follow the jack manufacturer's directions carefully on where you place the jack and stands under the vehicle. You will need to slide under the vehicle to remove the oil pan.


Pop open the hood of the Chevy to remove the oil cap and dipstick and set aside. These are located on the left-hand side of the engine and are labeled. The dipstick is a metal hook while the cap is a twist off cap.


Slide an oil drip pan underneath the oil pan under the car. Slide under the car and remove the plug from the oil pan, which will allow the oil to stream from the pan into the drip pan.


Remove the engine drive belt and the intercooler pump bracket bolts. These are located on the oil pan, you will see them when you lie under the vehicle and look up at the oil pan. Also, remove the lower air conditioning compressor bolt also attached to the oil pan using a wrench.


Support the oil pan with one hand while you loosen and remove the oil pan bolts, located on all four corners of the pan. Use a wrench to loosen and then remove the oil pan. The pan will drop at this point into your hands.

Tips and Warnings

  • Take safety precautions to set up the work station you'll be in. Since you will be raising the vehicle, you should have someone help you or be located near enough to call in case of emergency.
  • The oil pan holds oil from the vehicle when the engine is not in use, or holds extra oil as needed. A larger oil pan for performance purposes could be used in appropriate engines, but for most Chevy Cobalts the main reason to remove the oil pan is to replace it if it's damaged. The process for dropping the oil pan is the same for all Chevy Cobalt model years, dated 2005 through 2008.