How Do I Convert Van to Handicap?


Contact a certified driver rehabilitation specialist. A CDRS will conduct an assessment to indicate the primary driving controls that will improve the motorist's driving safety and identify modifications to the vehicle that are required for the person to be completely independent. To find a CDSR, go to the website for The Association for Driver Rehabilitation Specialists or call 866-672-9466.


Find funding sources to assist with the conversion cost. Contact your state Vocational Rehabilitation Agency, local Lion's Club, Knights of Columbus, Veterans Administration, Independent Living Center or mobility reimbursement programs through GM, Toyota, Ford, Honda or Chrysler.


Locate a mobility installation specialist to install the handicapped modifications for the van. These facilities can be found in your local Yellow Pages or go to the National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association website. Click "For Consumers" and then "Locate a Dealer." Type your zip code or state/province and click "Submit."

Converting a van for use by a handicapped driver depends on the features that need to be modified. Work with professionals to evaluate the needs of the disabled individual who will be driving the van and use a mobility specialist to make the necessary modifications.