How to Replace a Honda Pilot's Upper Tail Light Bulb


Check that the car is off and keys are out of the ignition. The lights should also be in the off position. This ensures that there is no risk of electrocution.


Open the back hatch, or trunk, and find the two screws where the tail light is located. These screws are holding the tail light assembly into the car. Unscrew the screws. The tail light assembly will slowly swing out and away from the tailgate.


Pull the rail away from the assembly and then back toward it. This helps to loosen and remove the ball sockets that are holding the assembly to the car. Use caution to avoid cracking the plastic housing for the tail light.


Remove the tail light. Turn the light to the left, or counterclockwise, and then gently pull to remove it from the assembly.


Insert a new bulb. Push in and rotate clockwise until a clicking noise is heard. Turn the lights on and make sure the new bulb is working.


Push the assembly back into the Pilot. Push the ball sockets back in before closing the housing. Screw the assembly back in.

The Honda Pilot is a small, four door sport utility vehicle made by the Japanese owned company. Part of the maintenance of a Honda Pilot is ensuring that all head lights and tail lights are working properly. If they are not, a simple replacement will need to be done. Replacing the tail light bulb is not a difficult task and can be done at home without the help of a professional.