DIY Jeep Skidplates

Materials and Tools

Skid plates are generally constructed using steel plating to cover vital areas under the Jeep. The driveline, driveshafts, transmission and transfer case can all be protected against damage. Select the gauge steel you wish to use for your Jeep. Think about the type of driving the skid plate will be used for; rocks will need a thicker plate while show trucks will only need a thin piece of metal. A half-inch to 3/4-inch steel plating is recommended for rocks and heavy off-road usage, while 1/8- to 3/8-inch steel will add the look of a skid plate without the weight of thick steel. Heavy machinery is better suited for cutting steel this thick, but a basic grinder and step-down bit with lubrication can cut through the steel. Have eye protection, cutting discs, grinding discs, lubricating fluid, a step-down drill bit, measuring tape, marker and a power drill.

Making a Skidplate

Preparation and planning can make this job a lot easier. Think about the positioning, mounting points, bends and placement of the skid plate. Find a cardboard box big enough to make a template for your skid plate. Draw out the design on the box and place it under the vehicle to check the fitment. Once the cardboard is cut the way you want it, trace the outline onto the metal sheet and use your grind wheel to cut out the design. This is where the heavy machinery comes in handy. Test fit the metal once it's cut out and mark where mounting holes need to be drilled. Lubricate the metal and use your step-down bit to drill out the holes. Additional holes on the underside can make the skid plate lighter and provide drainage points as well. Use grade 8 bolts when securing the skid plate to the vehicle. Customize your design and make the skid plate unique to your vehicle. Protection for the undercarriage of your Jeep is an essential part of any off-road driving. Skid plates protect the vital organs of the Jeep from damage caused by rocks, trees or any other object that may hit the underside of the vehicle. Skid plates are usually 1/4- to 5/8-inch-thick steel plates that bolt to the frame of the Jeep.