How to If I need to Replace Dexter Axle Brake Magnet identify signs of wear


Use a straight edge to see if the brake magnet is flat. If it is not flat there is abnormal wear and it needs replaced. Abnormal wear can indicate other issues with your braking system; it may be best, and more cost efficient to replace the complete backing plate assembly.


Next check to see if there is any coil visible. Even if the surface is flat you will need to replace the magnet if the coils can be even slightly seen.


Replace Dexter electric brake magnets in pairs. (both sides of the axle)
If you choose to replace only one magnet the brake will work unevenly, this will cause premature wear and brake failure.


It may be best and in some cases cheaper to replace the whole backing plate. Loose springs and various other parts that are not up to specs. will cause premature brake failure.

Determining if you need to replace your Dexter brake magnet is an easy task if you know the signs of wear to look for. Below are the instructions that will help you decide what you will need to do to keep your brakes running properly.