How to get FREE oil for your car


Obtain approximately 4 gallons of used motor oil.


Bring to a boil the 4 gallons of motor oil. As it comes to a boil add 1 pint of Liquid Silicate of Soda.


Stir for approximately 10 minutes while boiling.


Let it settle until it is clear.


When the oil becomes cool enough and safe enough to mess with Remove the oil from the top. (Sediment and sludge will be at the bottom) Avoid tipping the container to such an extent as to stir up the sediment. Discard the sludge at your recycling center. The rest is good as new. I use it in my vehicles, lawn mower and tractor.

Tips and Warnings

  • How to get old oil FREE. I changed my friends oil for the vehicles until I had a 55 gallon drum full of old motor oil. I did the service for them in exchange for the oil. They furnished the oil, filters etc and I would change their oil in exchange for the oil. I have since bought an old french fry deep fryer from a restaurant and converted it to do the cooking. It has a filter to catch the sludge and drains via a pipe near the bottom so I don't have to pour from container to container. I can do approximately 5 gallons at a time. Look through your local classifieds and you might get lucky and get one too.
  • Use extreme caution when boiling the oil as you can get burned extremely easy. But remember if you use the same caution as you do when deep frying you will have no problems as it is basically the same thing. Just use common sense when doing this such as proper clothing, safety glasses and gloves.
  • The secret of getting oil for your car absolutely free, or at pennies per gallon is to realize that oil does not wear out, it just gets dirty. Remove the dirt and other particles from the oil and it will be like new. It will have the lubricating qualities it had when new.