How to Connect Hella 500 Lights


Pick a mounting location on the front of the vehicle. It must allow you to mount both lights at the exact same height and provide a solid anchor point to eliminate potential vibration. Driving lights can be mounted above the bumper or higher and spaced closer together because the beam is narrower. Fog lights should be mounted low and as far apart as practical.


Drill holes as necessary. Attach the base to the light unit with the Phillips screwdriver and attach the lamp assembly to the vehicle using one of your wrenches. Do not tighten completely as you will need to make adjustments to their position after the wiring is complete.


Connect the wiring according to the diagram included with the lights. If your state allows it, you may wire the lights without a separate switch in which case they will always be on with your headlights. Use the crimping tool to secure all connections.


Find a location where you can park the vehicle on a level surface 25 feet from a wall or garage door. Use the provided diagram to adjust the lights for maximum effectiveness. This is generally level or just below level to the center line of the light at that distance.

Hella 500 series lights are available configured as either a fog light or a driving light. Fog lights emit a very bright beam that is aimed low and diffused so it does not reflect back into your eyes in heavy fog. They are best mounted below the bumper. Driving lights are designed to produce a strong narrow beam that supplements the high beam lights on your vehicle. Most states require that these auxiliary lights be wired into the circuit of the headlights so they cannot be used independently.