How to Hire an Executive Limo


Use all your available resources, from the Yellow Pages to personal and professional referrals, to develop a list of executive limo services for hire in your area or the area to which you are traveling and need one. If you are having difficulty assembling a list, go to a limo "locator" website like and search geographically (see Resources below).


Determine your specific needs, your schedule and your itinerary before choosing several services to call.


Reduce your list to two or three and start making the calls. Ask for any special discounts or incentives while also getting clear, straightforward answers to your questions.


Compare prices, availability and limo service features to get the best mix for your particular situation. After you make your decision, call the executive limo service that you want to hire and make your best deal.


Inquire about driver qualifications, insurance coverage, performance warranty and future discounts for multiple rentals. Before making your deposit or partial advance payment, go through your list of special needs/items with the limo service owner or manager.


Work out a mutually agreeable arrangement, logistically and cost-wise, if you want the limo to wait for you until your meeting or function is over. If there is sufficient time before your return trip, the limo service may be able to find other clients to hire during that time. Otherwise, you will have to work out some sort of payment for the waiting time, which is a common thing in the limo business.


Pay close attention to how the service and its driver handle the special details. There are plenty of good services that can get you comfortably from Point A to Point B, but ones that are on the ball and dedicated to first-rate customer service are rare. If all your special needs were handled correctly, and your trip was smooth and safe, you may have found an executive limo service to hire for future gigs.

Tips and Warnings

  • Inform the service of any beverages you want stocked, snacks you want on hand and other amenities. Be prepared to fax or email the service a list of these items. You will also want to send them your itinerary and schedule, as well as the names and addresses of any other passengers.
  • Limousines are standard pieces of corporate inventory for Fortune 500 companies, who often own many of them. Even smaller firms occasionally need special limo service. Executive limo services are, essentially, car rental agencies for CEOs, and can deliver a wide range of chauffeur-driven vehicles.