How to Replace Your BMW Steering Wheel Emblem


Obtain a replacement emblem of the same or similar material as the old one. This is so if the air bag deploys, it will break the seal and cause less harm to the driver. Do not try to remove the original emblem. Even if it is damaged or scratched, you wont be able to remove it without replacing the air bag as well.


Apply an adhesive to the back of the replacement emblem.


Align and place the replacement emblem over the old one. Hold it for a few minutes to make sure it sticks properly.

Tips and Warnings

  • The replacement emblem has to be of the same material as the original or a stick-on replacement for safety reasons.
  • Personalizing your BMW is one highlight of owning it. If you have damaged the steering wheel emblem of your BMW, you may be thinking of replacing it, only to find out that you'll have to replace the whole air bag. This is because the emblem of a BMW steering wheel is attached to the air bag for safety purposes. However, you can still make your emblem look new again.