How do I Covert U.S. Unit of Miles Per Gallon to Imperial Miles Per Gallon?


Click on one of the links in Resources to access an online converter.


Type in your mpg figure in U.S. units in the appropriate space.


Click the button "Convert to Miles Per Gallon (Imperial)" or one that is similarly worded. For some websites, the conversion is done automatically.


View the solution in the appropriate box or list.

Tips and Warnings

  • To manually convert U.S. mpg to imperial mpg, simply multiply the U.S. unit by 1.20095042 using a calculator.
  • Miles per gallon, or mpg, is a unit of measurement for a vehicle's fuel efficiency. It refers to the distance traveled per gallon of fuel used. The greater the mpg number, the less fuel required to travel a given distance.

    When you cite this figure, it is important to distinguish between the U.S. and imperial gallon units.