How do I Look Up the Original Exterior Paint Scheme for a 1956 Chevy?


Browse the selection of color chips on the DuPont Color Chips Library website. DuPont has scanned copies of the color chips used to match paint for different models of Ford, Chevrolet and Chrysler vehicles, including 1956 models. The library offers scanned copies of the original chips; however, the scanned copies may have a slightly different tint from the original chip.


Contact a professional restorer who deals with 1950s Chevys. Robert McLellan of The Automotive Chronicles maintains a collection of vintage car paint chips, including the different color chips for a 1956 Chevy. The color chips can be ordered and used to match paint for your car at an auto body shop.


Contact an automotive touch-up specialist who specializes in vintage paint schemes. Automotive Touchup has a website that offers a selection of paint in the original colors, already matched to the color codes for that period. You can contact them to see the sample colors and select the paint you want.

Paint schemes have changed over the years as new styles replace older ones. Some paint colors fall out of fashion and are replaced year after year by new and trendier schemes. Even primary colors like red come in a huge variety of shades and hues. Restoring a red car from 1956 could mean choosing between cardinal red and matador red. You need a reference to the original paint to accurately restore your 1956 Chevy.