How to Get a Specialty License Plate in Alabama


Log on to Alabama's official Department of Revenue website. Click on "Individual" and "Motor Vehicle" to be directed to Alabama's Motor Vehicle website.


Navigate through the site to "License Plate Information" and "County Title and Registration Offices." Select your county and write down your local TAG office's address.


Click on "License Plate Information" and "Specialty." View the different types of specialty plates available. Read the descriptions under each specialty plate, consider its eligibility requirements and decide on a plate that most appeals to you.


Visit your local TAG office and submit a request for your specialty plate. Fill out the required form, provide all eligibility requirements and pay the associated fees.


Request the personalization of your specialty license plate, if you would like to put a more personal twist on the specialty plate. Make sure that the plate's sponsoring organization allows personalization of its license plates. Use alphanumeric character combinations. The number of alphanumeric characters allowed on your plate depends on your vehicle type and the type of specialty plate you have chosen.


Receive your specialty license plates and begin driving in style.

Tips and Warnings

  • Be aware that some of Alabama's specialty plates are only offered to members of a particular organization. You may need to provide proof of your membership or association to the plate's sponsoring organization and at your local TAG office.
  • Do not attempt to apply for a specialty plate that you are for which you are not eligible. If you apply for a specialty plate without meeting eligibility requirements or obtain one through duplicitous means, your specialty license plate may be revoked and your registration fees will not be refunded.
  • Tired of driving on Alabama's roads with a boring, standard license plate? Invest in a specialty license plate and flaunt your memberships, associations or interests wherever you go. Distinctive license plates can set you apart from the crowd and announce that you have arrived. Read on to learn how to get a specialty license plate in Alabama.