How to Remove a Range Rover Lug


Use the lug wrench that came with your Range Rover to loosen the lugs. Place it onto the lug bolt with the handle pointing away from you. This will give you greater torque when you pull it.


Pull the handle toward you, turning the lug bolt counterclockwise. This will require great force. Loosen the lug bolt only slightly. Repeat with the other lug bolts.


Jack the vehicle up until the tire is at least two or three inches off of the ground. Use a locking jack or jack stand for added safety.


Replace the lug wrench onto the lug bolts and continue to turn counterclockwise until you can loosen them by hand. Remove the lugs by hand the rest of the way, and take off the tire to change or perform other maintenance.

Tips and Warnings

  • Use a lug wrench with a longer handle, available at many automotive supply dealers, for greater torque.
  • Jack up the vehicle on a flat and level surface only. Jacking on an incline can result in damage to the vehicle or physical injury.
  • Owning a vehicle corresponds with periodic maintenance and care if you want your vehicle to continue to run at an optimum performance level. Owning a Range Rover can include a bit more maintenance than with an average passenger vehicle because of its off-road capabilities. Changing the tires on a Range Rover is a basic maintenance process, and to change the tire you must first know how to remove the lugs. Lug removal on a Range Rover can be a little more difficult and require a great amount of torque because of the vehicle's size.