How to Replace Headlight Bulbs in a 1997 Honda Civic


Unlatch the hood of your Civic and prop it against its support brace. Locate the faulty headlight's assembly against the inside of the engine compartment.


Disconnect the wiring harness from the headlight bulb, pushing the sides of the connector together with your fingers, and pull the connector off of the headlight bulb.


Grasp the plastic bulb cover with your hand and twist it counter-clockwise until the cover can be pulled off of the headlight assembly. Pull the rubber dust cover off of the rear of the headlight bulb.


Pull the damaged headlight bulb out of the headlight assembly and discard it. Insert a new bulb into the headlight assembly, taking care not to touch the glass portion of the bulb.


Place the rubber dust cover over the rear of the bulb and press it into place. The bulb's prongs should protrude from the center of the dust cover. Place the plastic bulb cover over the headlight bulb, twisting it clockwise to lock the cover onto the headlight assembly. Press the wiring connector onto the bulb's prongs until it is seated securely on the bulb.


Turn on the car's headlights and check that the bulb is working properly. Cycle between high and low beam. Check that the wiring harness is connected properly if the bulb is not working.

Tips and Warnings

  • Touching the glass portion of a halogen bulb with bare skin will permanently damage the bulb. Handle the bulb only by its metal base or wear gloves to protect the bulb.
  • Your 1997 Honda Civic relies on a pair of halogen bulbs to power its headlight system, illuminating the dark roads for your safety. Should one or both bulbs burn-out, your ability to drive at night will be severely reduced, putting yourself and others at risk. Before you begin to replace the bulbs, have a friend stand in front of your Honda Civic and cycle between the high and low beams. You friend will be able to tell you which bulb is out, preventing you from replacing the wrong bulb and saving you valuable time and money.