How to Sell a Junk Car in Tampa


Visit the Cash Junk Car website when you decide to sell your junk car. This company services the Tampa, Florida, area and other surrounding towns. For free towing, simply fill out the online form and wait for a customer representative to contact you. You can expect to receive cash for your car at the time of pickup.


Consider the Buy Sell Community website to list your car for sale. This online resource allows Tampa residents to place ads for wanted items as well as items for sale. You can post an ad to sell your car and check the wanted classifieds for anyone looking for used auto parts.


Advertise your junk car in the "Tampa Tribune." Someone may buy it for parts or sell it to the junkyards. You can take off the various parts and components and place two ads, one for the parts and one for the scrap metal.


Sell your junk car to CMC Recycling. It is located at 1900 N. 62nd Street, Tampa, Florida 33619. Their contact number is (813) 626-1108.

Tips and Warnings

  • Give the buyer the title so it doesn’t remain in your name.
  • In most cities in the United States, you’ll find plenty of metal recycling centers and junkyards. Tampa, Florida, is no exception. Residents have many choices when it comes to recycling vehicles.