Yamaha BW350 Specs

The Yamaha BW350 is a large, off-road motorcycle that was manufactured by the global motor company Yamaha Motor Corporation of Japan and released in 1987. Despite the bike being introduced more than two decades earlier, many owners still use their BW350s in 2010. The specifications and features of the Yamaha BW350 caused it to be described as "Big-Wheeled Thunder" in a 1986 Dirt Wheels magazine article.


The Yamaha BW350 has a saddle that is relatively wide and long with padding that can absorb shocks whenever a difficult trail is being traveled on. The seat height is about 32.1 inches. The fenders are constructed from polyethylene. The large balloon tires are able to stand a high-speed straight. This makes the suspension of Yamaha BW350 remarkable, and it adds to the ability of the forks to bear a high load during fast riding.


The frame of the Yamaha BW350 is constructed from large O.D. steel tubing. In addition, the leading-axle telescopic design of its forks allows for 160 mm of wheel travel while being damped in oil. The Yamaha BW350 has a rear suspension that contains a swing arm made out of rectangular section tubing and a gas/oil single shock. The rear wheel of the Yamaha BW350 is made of steel, while its front wheel is made of aluminum. Designed to be used in difficult trails, the tires of Yamaha BW350 can withstand traveling for long hours.

Other Specs

The engine type of the Yamaha BW350 is a single-cylinder SOHC with four strokes and an air cooling system. The bore and stroke measures about 83.0 mm by 64. 5 mm, with a carburetion of 28 mm TK. The transmission is a five-speed, manual clutch, while the reverse feature is absent. The fuel tank capacity is about 2.1 gallons. The wheelbase measures 56.0, while its overall length is 83.4 inches. With its specifications, the Yamaha BW350 is intended for all-terrain sport use.