How to Change Fuses on a 98 Volkswagon


Sit in the driver's seat of your Volkswagen. Locate the fuse panel at the base of the dashboard near the outer wall panel. Pull the panel cover off to access the fuses.


Remove the fuse pullers from the top of the fuse panel. Locate the fuse you want to change and grasp it with the tips of the fuse pullers. Pull straight back to pull the fuse out of the panel.


Push the new fuse into place, lining it up and pushing it straight in. Clip the fuse pullers back into the fuse panel. Replace the panel cover by pushing it into place.

Even with the best maintenance routines on your 1998 Volkswagen, eventually you are likely to encounter a blown fuse. Knowing how to replace a fuse in your Volkswagen will save you costly repairs and a lot of lost time. Keep an assortment of various amperage fuses in your car so that you have a supply to utilize in the event of an emergency. The fuses in your Volkswagen are clearly labeled and color coded to help you identify the appropriate fuse for your application.