How to Change Receiver Hitch Size


Weigh your load. The total weight of your accessory and the cargo it will carry cannot exceed 350 lb. tongue weight or 3,200 lb. of towed weight.


Install the adapter by sliding it into the existing hitch receiver and locking it in place with the included cross pin.


Mount your accessory as instructed by the accessory manufacturer.

Tips and Warnings

  • Never exceed the rated capacity of any trailer hitch. Using a 2-inch receiver does not increase towing or tongue weight capacity.
  • Trailer hitch receivers are either 1.25 inches square for Class 1 and 2 hitches or 2 inches square for Class 3 hitches. The selection of ball mounts and hitch accessories, such as bicycle and cargo carriers, is much greater for the heavier 2-inch Class 3 receiver, but many vehicles, such as minivans, come equipped with the smaller Class 2 hitch. It is possible, through the use of adapters, to change receiver hitch sizes. These adapters are not to be used with a Class 1 hitch due to the very low load rating of these hitches.