Important Subwoofer Box Building Tips

While building a subwoofer box for a car or truck may be an easy task, people should remember several construction tips. Utilizing these tips will result in a sturdy, well-built subwoofer box that not only has good sound quality, but good sound performance as well. Sound quality is an assessment of the sound produced by the subwoofer, while sound performance refers to the volume that the subwoofer attains.

Choose Proper Materials

It is important to choose the proper materials for a subwoofer box. The construction of most homemade subwoofer boxes is from 3/4-inch medium-density fiberboard, the same materials that the professionals use. This fiberboard is extremely durable and affordable. In addition, medium density fiberboard will not split and splinter as it is composed of wood fibers and glue.

Fasten the Sides Firmly

When constructing the subwoofer box, it is important to fasten the sides together firmly. With a combination of carpenter's glue and 2-inch screws, the resulting subwoofer box will be very strong. Three screws along each seam should be adequate, unless the subwoofer box is either very tall or very long.

Create an Airtight Seal

When constructing a sealed subwoofer box, which is a popular choice among audio enthusiasts, it is vital to create an airtight seal. A small tube of silicone caulking is the ideal choice to seal the inside of the subwoofer box. Cover every seam within the subwoofer box with silicone caulking. In addition, as silicone caulking can release fumes that can damage a subwoofer, allow the subwoofer box to dry for at least 24 hours after sealing.

Choosing a Terminal Cup

Never buy a low quality, cheap terminal cup. The terminal cup acts as the intersection between the amplifier and the subwoofer. A terminal cup will have two ports on each side, wired to either the subwoofer or amplifier. If the terminal cup breaks or falls apart, the amplifier will not be able to properly power the subwoofer. Select a terminal cup that has easy to use connectors. In addition, be aware that terminal cups come in different sizes. Select one that is the proper size for the subwoofer box.