How to Change the Air Conditioner Filter on a Grand Caravan

2001 to 2007 Models


Examine the area underneath the passenger side dash (below the glove box) to find the air conditioner filter access door.


Slide the door back to open it. Pull the old filter out with your hand; discard the old filter.


Insert the new filter, with the filter arrow facing toward the center of the vehicle. Push the filter access door forward to lock it.

2008 to 2010 Models


Open the glove box door; remove the items from the glove box.


Squeeze together the sides of the glove box door to detach the clips holding it in place. Allow the glove box to drop down.


Push the tabs (one on each side) securing the filter access cover. Pull the filter access cover away.


Pull the old filter out with your hand. Discard the old filter. Insert the new filter with the arrow facing the floorboard.


Reattach the filter access cover; push the tabs to secure the cover. Raise the glove box door to the hinges; squeeze together the sides and push up to reattach the glove box.

Tips and Warnings

  • Replace your air conditioning filter every 12,000 miles. This service interval applies to all Grand Caravan models. A dirty of clogged air conditioning filter will reduce A/C performance.
  • Most Dodge Grand Caravan models come standard with a cabin air filter, also known as a air conditioning filter or A/C filter. The filter is located in one of two locations, depending on your Grand Caravan's year model. The process for changing the air conditioning filter is the same for the Grand Caravan's twin, the Chrysler Town and Country.