How to Find a Code for My Radio


Open your owner's manual to the front page or to the pages with instructions for your radio. If the code is located in your manual, it usually appears on a small sticker on the inner cover or in the radio information section.


Check your glove compartment for a radio code card or sticker. Most of the time, the code is in the owner's manual, but sometimes the code is in the glove compartment.


Call the radio manufacturer to obtain the radio code. This requires you to have the radio's serial number so the manufacturer can give you the correct code.


Call the dealership you purchased the car from. It may have the code if your car is new.

Tips and Warnings

  • Write down your radio code in a safe place just in case your battery dies again. Keep it handy so you can get your radio working without having to shuffle through old documents or make phone calls.
  • Your car's radio code is one of the best deterrents against theft. The reason is simple--without the code, your radio cannot operate. Most car owners will eventually face a time when they need the radio code to reprogram the radio. This usually happens when the battery gets too low or completely dies. The only way to get the radio up and running is to find the code and input it. Luckily, the code can be found in several locations.