How to Pull Out the Door Panels of a 2007 350Z


Remove the negative cable from the battery with the pliers. This prevents shock when you are disconnecting the various wired components inside the Nissan 350Z's door panel.


Sit in the driver's seat. Open the door partially to better access the panel. Look inside the door handle storage compartment to find a small plug. Pry the plug up with a flathead screwdriver. Remove the Phillips screw behind the plug.


Grasp the door handle armrest firmly, and pull it up to release it from the panel. This section of the armrest houses the various window and door lock switches. Push the tab on each switch on the underside to release the harnesses from the armrest. Set the door handle armrest to the side.


Remove the two Phillips screws inside the door handle armrest cavity. Pull the door release handle as if you were opening the door. Locate the small plug behind the release handle, and pry it out with a flathead screwdriver. Remove the Phillips screw behind the plug.


Grab the door panel on the bottom, and firmly pull away to release the door panel fasteners. You'll hear the plastic clips "pop" out. Push the door panel up to lift it above the interior lip, and then pull the entire panel from the door.


Repeat the procedure for the passenger-side door panel. Before removing the panel, pry off the metallic strip running vertically along the door grab. Remove the two 10-millimeter bolts behind the door grab strip.

Nissan's 350Z sports car made its debut for the 2003 model year. It was produced until 2009, when it was replaced by the 370Z. The door panels for all 2003 to 2008 Nissan 350Z models are the same, including the 2007 model. If you wish to replace the 350Z's speakers or replace a window regulator or power-door lock actuator, you'll need to remove the door panels to access the components.