How to Remove a Jeep Soft Top

How to Remove a Jeep Soft Top


Pay attention to the process. When you begin removing the panels, take note of what you are removing, and where it went. If you simply start unzipping the panels and disassembling the soft top you may have difficulty putting it back on.


Remove the widow panels. If your soft top has window panels, unzip and remove those panels and store flat. The zippers will be hidden behind a Velcro seam that needs to be opened to access the zippers. Remove all panels, and stack neatly.


Unclip the front of the soft top from the Jeep and fold the soft top to the back of the vehicle. Unclip the back of the soft top from the body of the Jeep and lift off.

One advantage to a Jeep soft top is that it is fairly easy to store the soft top once it has been removed. Unlike a removable hardtop, it takes just one person to remove the soft top. There is no heavy lifting involved. The soft top is a series of fabric-like panels that are zippered together, with a Velcro flap to keep everything neat and tidy and to keep the zipper from getting wet and rusty.