How Do I Reset the Maintenance Reminder for an Infiniti FX35?


Tap the "Info" button on your touch-screen control panel. Your FX35 must be turned on for you to access the control panel, so be sure the key is turned to on. You do not have to start the FX35.


Tap "Maintenance" from the sub-list. Determine the maintenance item that you would like to reset. Your choices are "Engine Oil," "Filter," "Tires," and "Other Maintenance." You'll likely need to reset each item to turn off the maintenance indicator.


Tap on the appropriate item. View the interval to determine if you need to reset the system to turn off the maintenance indicator. If the "Remaining" mileage is "0" or near zero, you'll need to reset the particular setting. Tap "Reset Distance."


Press the "Back" button in the upper right corner. Repeat the process with each maintenance item. Reset each item if necessary.

The Infiniti FX35 comes standard with a touch-screen control panel regardless of whether the vehicle is equipped with the factory navigation system. This control panel is configured with a maintenance indicator that lets you know when a particular service is due, such as an oil or filter change, or a tire rotation. When said service is due, you'll see a "Maintenance Required" light. Sometimes the technician at the service center forgets to reset the maintenance counter at the service center; in other instances the counter is set to predetermined odometer readings regardless of when it is actually serviced. You can reset the maintenance required light if it comes on after the maintenance has already been performed. It's simple.