How to Customize the Body on a Chevy Lumina


Lift the stock (original or current hood) and place it on the hood prop to make it easier to remove the hood. The hood prop will act as a third set of hands by holding the front portion of the hood off of the car.


Locate the four 10 millimeter bolts that bolt the hood to the hood hinges. There are two bolts on each of the two hinges. A person should be located on each side of the car. It takes two people to remove the hood without damaging it or the car.


Remove the top bolt on each hood hinge simultaneously. Use your free had to steady the hood. A 10-millimeter wrench or ratchet should be used to remove the bolt. Once the top bolts have been removed remove the bottom bolts simultaneously. The hood will become front heavy as you unbolt it. Use your free hand to steady the front of the hood. Once the bottom bolts are removed you can lift the hood off of the hinges and set it off to the side.


Place the Dominator cowl hood on the hinges and line up the bolts on the left side (driver side) hinge. The other person should steady the right side of the hood while the person on the left side threads the bolt through the hinge into the Dominator cowl hood. They should only be threaded in thumb tight. Once this is done, thread the bolts into the right side of the hood.


Tighten all four bolts down with the 10-millimeter wrench. Do not over tighten them. You should not tighten them to the point where you hear a cracking sound. The Dominator hood is fiberglass and can crack if over tightened.


Lower the hood slowly while watching to make sure the hood is lined up correctly. The gap on each side of the hood should be the same width. If it does not line up properly lift the hood and loosen the bolts so you can adjust the alignment of the hood. If the gap on the left (driver's side) of the hood is less then the gap on the right then you should move the hood slightly to the right. Reverse the direction if the gap is larger on the left. Tighten the bolts and check the alignment again until it lines up. Repeat this process until the gap is the same on both sides of the hood.

One of he best ways to customize an automobile is to add to its functionality. One of the best ways to customize a Chevy Lumina is to enhance its NASCAR roots and it's functionality by adding a Dominator cowl induction hood. A cowl induction hood raises high above the engine bay and pulls air into the engine compartment that has been pushed down by the windshield of the vehicle. A cowl hood will give your Lumina an aggressive look and help keep the engine cooler, which will help to increase horsepower.