How to Hook Up an iPod in a Mazda 6


Connect your iPod to the auxiliary input jack with the 3.5mm cable. The auxiliary jack is located in the bottom portion of the center console. The input has a flip cover you will have to open.


Turn on your Mazda 6 and then your radio. Locate the button on the radio labeled "Aux" and press to switch to the auxiliary input.


Toggle through your songs on the iPod to test. The system receives volume instructions from both the radio and the iPod, so make sure each has the volume turned up.


To use steering wheel-mounted audio controls with your iPod you will need to purchase the integration kit. The Mazda does not come equipped with it, but it can be purchased from your Mazda dealership.

The Mazda 6 has been a popular car since its introduction in 2003. Finally, after years of customer requests, Mazda began to offer the function to use an iPod with the Mazda 6. This feature was introduced in the 2009 model.