How to Remove Debris From Exhaust Pipes


Remove excess dirt from the outside of the exhaust pipe with a rag, which will make cleaning the inside a less muddy chore.


Run a dry toilet brush in the inside of the exhaust pipes to remove large pieces of debris. Wash out the toilet brush when done.


Mix a few tablespoons of dish soap in a bowl of water.


Dampen the rag with the soap and water solution and run it over the outside of the exhaust pipes until clean.


Dampen the toilet brush with the water and soap solution and run it in and out of the exhaust pipes until the inside looks clean.


Rub a bit of chrome or aluminum polish to the outside of the pipes, depending on what material your exhaust pipes are made of.

Tips and Warnings

  • Wear a paper mask if fumes from the exhaust pipe are getting in your mouth.
  • Removing debris from your car's exhaust pipe is necessary if the pipe has become filled with small pebbles, soot or leaves. Removing this debris can help your car run smoothly and prevent problems down the road. With a few basic cleaning suppliese, you can successfully clean out those exhaust pipes yourself.